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The Sweet (and Maybe a Little Gross) Way Kissing Makes You Healthier

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As if you needed an excuse to steal a kiss from your sweetheart, here's another reason to swap spit when the clock hits midnight on January 1: It may improve your health, according to Dutch scientists.

They found that 80 million microbes are exchanged during a 10-second French kiss. While this sounds gross, it may be good for you. Study co-author Remco Kort, PhD, professor of microbial genomics at the University of Amsterdam, explains that getting bacteria from your environment ultimately leads to an increase in bacterial diversity. "There are some indications that this is actually good for your health because you will be able to have more resistance against invasions of disease-causing microorganisms," said Kort.

Just be advised that this is for healthy individuals. If you have a cold or the flu, please keep your germs to yourself. (And use these cold- and flu-fighting herbs to get better!)

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Parasites and people: Feeding off each other

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The Journal of Parasitology – Malaria, parasitic worms, Ebola, HIV, even bed bugs—today's parasites and pathogens get nearly daily media coverage. As a species, humans affect the lives of everything else on our planet, ranging from the tallest trees to these smallest of organisms.

Lab Safety Report on Ebola Virus Transfer

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting today that a small amount of material from an Ebola virus experiment that was securely transported from a Select‐Agent‐approved BSL‐4 lab to a Select‐Agent‐approved BSL‐2 lab may have contained live virus. The material was on a sealed plate but should not have been moved into the BSL‐2 laboratory. We cannot rule out possible exposure of the one laboratory technician who worked with the material in the BSL‐2 laboratory.