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The Truth Behind 5 Popular Weight Loss Supplements

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"Lose 10 pounds by this weekend," the front cover hyperbolically proclaimed. 

I recently sat waiting to get my hair done when I found this "article" buried in one of the trashier women's weeklies. Thumbing through, I realized supplement companies pretty much funded this nonsense. 

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Indeed, the strategically placed advertorial heavily promoted some "fat-melting" supplement that I quickly noticed contained mostly science-unsubstantiated ingredients.

Here's the deal. For fast, lasting fat loss, no supplement in the world will help unless you've gone low-sugar impact and addressed food intolerances.

Likewise, unless you're getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night, controlling stress, and combining burst training with weight resistance with my Fast Blasts (grab a free one here), the most powerful supplement isn't going to budge the needle one little freaking bit.

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That said, once you're doing that, a few science-based nutrients might nudge things favorably to crush cravings, curb hunger, and otherwise help you burn fat.

I copiously evaluated the science behind 5 popular weight-loss supplement ingredients to determine whether they really blast fat. With a few caveats, several made the cut.

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