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Your Guide to the Best Convenience Store Snacks

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By now you've surely figured out that your energy supply must be restocked after a couple of hours of an intense outdoor workout. That is roughly how long it takes to exhaust your carbohydrate stores. But what if you already devoured the contents of your jersey pockets and still have another 100 miles to cycle or 15 miles to run?

Well maybe you just happen to be running past a Whole Foods Market. But odds are that the next store you pass will be a convenience store. Normally you might never eye the local Quickie Mart as a source of quality sustenance. But in a pinch, especially when you're trying to stave off a bonk, you can actually find what you need in a convenience store.

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Yes, though traditionally considered nutritional junkyards, these emporiums of empty calories are actually carbohydrate gold mines in disguise. You just need to know which foods to choose. Scan the aisles carefully and you will find an assortment of high-octane fuels, ranging from microwaveable burritos to energy bars to sports drinks.

The key is to look for foods containing at least 60 percent carbohydrate and no more than 30 percent fat. Here is a shopping list to get you started.

convenience store snacksconvenience store snacks

9 Tasty Ways to Bake Using Nuts

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Nuts and baking just seem to go together. Whether walnut, pecan, hickory, hazelnut, almond, pistachio, or peanut, they pick up the flavor of a cookie, bread, or cake. They fold into the batter, adding moistness and texture, and they sprinkle easily on top, adding crunch.

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Resourceful American bakers in the early 1800s baked with the nuts harvested nearby. We call it foraging today, but in those early times it was second nature to pick up and use the foods nature offered. Across America, wild hickory, black walnut, and pecan trees thrived and offered an edible nut perfect for baking. In the South, peanuts, a legume, were grown from Virginia south and west to Texas.

chestnut cakechestnut cake