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5 Moves for a Better Butt by Valentine’s Day

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If you're trying to perfect your peach, take a few steps to tone it right at home. These five quick steps will get you working this winter. 

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"I love these moves because they work not just the seat, but the inner thigh, hamstring, and core as well," says professional dancer and Pop Physique founder Jennifer Williams. "Also, you look pretty doing it."

To get into the position:
1. Using a sturdy chair or counter, stack your forearms gently and let your head rest on your forearms.

2. Walk your feet underneath your hips, heels touching, toes slightly apart.

3. Bend your knees. Tuck your pelvis and squeeze your cheeks tightly. Pull your abs in.

4. Raise your leg Right into an 'attitude' (as pictured above).

Then follow these 5 moves:
1. Press the leg up, then retuck the pelvis. Press up, retuck. Repeat 8 times.

2. Hold the tuck, and just press the leg up up up. Repeat 16 times.

3. Re-tuck your pelvis, re-squeeze your cheeks, and "wrap" your leg in (toward the left). Repeat 16 times.

4. Combine the movements. Wrap in, press up. Wrap in, press up. Repeat 8 times.

5. Extend the leg long and straight on a diagonal. Press the leg up and up and up to finish, 16 times.

Option: Rise onto releve on the standing foot for this final set for an advanced option.

Repeat on the other side.

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