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A Peaceful Playlist for a Morning Yoga Flow

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Rodale Wellness features rad playlists from rad fitness instructors. This week Liz Lorinsky, registered yoga teacher at House of Jai Yoga shares hers with us.

“As a student, music pulls me in,” Lorinsky says. ”I am present and happy and ready to move. Some songs are so good that I will, on occasion, dance a little in my down dog. Yoga can get very serious if you aren’t careful, but I believe that exercise of any kind should be fun.”


14 Ways to Strengthen Your Body Without Working Out

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Adapted from Runner’s World Your Best Stride

More important and more successful than adding elements to your running routine is the process of integrating posture, mobility, and strength work into your everyday life. You can work on many of these skills all day, every day. 

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Most of the stretches and exercises can be integrated into your everyday life outside of running. Here are a few suggestions.

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