The Real Reason Why ClassPass Works So Well

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Are you constantly complaining about doing the same old exercise routine, day-in and day-out? Well turns out, mixing things up won't only make you less bored, but it'll also make you more obedient with your exercise. Translation? ClassPass, the popular monthly membership that lets users choose to take classes at hundreds of studios, has the right idea.

A new study out of the journal Psychology & Health followed women ages 18 to 45 years as they were randomly assigned to complete 30-minutes of either the uncommon or common exercise stimulus. According to researchers, participants who completed an uncommon bout of aerobic exercise reported more favorable affect post-exercise, as well as stronger intentions for future exercise, compared to participants who completed a common bout of aerobic exercise.

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So what's this mean for you? Good things, we promise. If you haven't been mixing up your workouts, now is as good of a time as any to try new things. If you're not in a major city where services like ClassPass are offered (other popular alternatives are FitReserve and Athletes Club) then simple pick different days of the week to try new activities. A barre-based class on Mondays, a run on Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, a high-intensity interval training class on Thursday, and yoga on Friday. Trust us, with a schedule like that, not only will you stave boredom–but you'll also see more results. 

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