3 Ways to Be Healthier—Without Diet or Exercise

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Editor’s Note: Jim Curtis is the President and Chief Strategy Officer at Remedy Health Media. He is a public speaker, storyteller, business coach, and the author of The Stimulati Experience: 9 Skills for Getting Past Pain, Setbacks, and Trauma to Ignite Health and Happiness.

For the last 20 years, since I became ill with an undiagnosed illness that left me in pain and with a severe limp, I have been investigating experiences to get well. At first, these experiences were all body-focused. I went to major medical institutions, took prescribed medications, started physical therapy and went on an anti-inflammatory diet. I found the best chiropractors, acupuncturists, personal trainers and massage therapists in the country. I went from one end of the spectrum getting Muscle Activation Therapy (MAT) which focuses on trigger points only, to stretching coaches that focused on table stretching and yoga that had my legs up over my head. Most recently, I have started cryotherapy. Hey if Tony Robbins does it, it must work… right?

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What I found was that it all works, each of these systems and practices have their benefits. I happen to love acupuncture as it alleviates pain and relaxes the mind (once you get over the whole needle thing). Proper eating and exercise are fundamental to good health and very much needed. However, I have found health really starts with your mind.

We have to let go of our, shame, fear, and overly active negative inner voices to get a real benefit from any of these activities.  Otherwise, as strong as your willpower is, when emotionally triggered, we will eat cake—and lots of it. When, challenged with a new potentially painful exercise, as determined as you are, on that stressful day at work, you will go home and have a glass of wine instead and when the alarm goes off so you have time to get up and go to that chiropractor, MAT therapist, acupuncturist, Reiki specialist, nutritionist or other—you may just hit that little snooze button a few times.

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Treating symptoms is important but starts with the cause and you will find yourself getting healthier with less effort and less self-sabotage. What is the cause, you ask? Say hello to my little friend: Shame.

He is a self-esteem killer, a self-love annihilator, and a pro at holding you back. Below are three experiences to release shame, let go of those things that trouble you and allow yourself to become healthier without the need for so much will power.

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