Shaun T’s 10 Commandments for Success

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Adapted from Shaun T’s new book, T Is for Transformation: A 7-Step Program for Digging Deeper, Feeling Stronger, and Living Smarter

Here’s a lesson I’ve learned in my life: It isn’t that I made a bunch of friends who furthered my career. Rather, it’s that you have the ability to look past the limitations of your current circle, especially if it’s so small that it’s squeezing you into an uncomfortable space, or holding you back from rising higher.

Make connections, and give people reasons to connect with you. The stronger you are, the stronger your circle is, and the more you can all accomplish. Together.

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Appearing on stage in Los Angeles in the musical The Ten Commandments was the culmination of all the hard work I’d done as a dancer, and it introduced me to an amazing group of friends and mentors. But, it also started me thinking about my own rules for living. Ten is a good number! With apologies to my grandfather, Pop-Pop, let me take a couple of tablets from God’s own playbook, and hand down my own Ten TransformaShaun Commandments on how to go biblical with your own success.

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